What is Bass Line anyways?

Bass Line is a TV comedy series about Val Dennis. He’s a regular, hardworking guy. He’s heartbroken, a bit shy, and still driving the same old beater. But Val’s holding on to a dream. He might just be a janitor today, but soon this underdog is going to play bass guitar for a truly awesome band.
But, before that happens, he’ll have to go through those other bands.

Val can always count on Chaz. That’s his buddy from back when they were kids, who now finds himself more and more becoming manager of the coffee shop where Chaz works since the boss has left town. The boss’s son was left with Chaz to oversee the place but that guy pretty much treats it like a place to surf the net and do what he wants.

Then there is Kayla, a university music student who Val meets through one of the ads. She is absolutely determined to prove that she is absolutely determined…19 going on 42 with a mortgage.

When Val comes home there is Wendy the landlady. Well meaning, motherly and just downright strange.

Finally we round it all off with Ian Starglow…you know him…rock legend from the eighties…who doesn’t really know where he is or much of what’s going on. But he does have still have connections and he could be just the ticket for Val.

This is Bass Line…The show about the guy who’s back and left of the singer.


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